To visit

Calais, 10 minutes north of Escalles by the A16, is better known. You have to take the time to visit it. We walk there during the day peacefully, without any care, contrary to what we say too much, alas ... Bad publicity that harms the city and its region.
  We want to reassure our guests : going regularly in the city center, we never encounter any problem, and can only advise the visit of places that make its history.
Its elegant Belfry (which can be climbed in an elevator), typical of northern towns, is adorned with superb flowerbeds, a real work of artists. We can see the famous statue of Rodin 'The six bourgeois'. Opposite, the park St Pierre raised and the War Museum 39-45.  
Do not miss the International Lace Museum, varied and very interesting, housed in an old lace factory.
See also the old church of Notre Dame Tudor style, unique in Western Europe, being restored. What has been done is superb! (open in the afternoons in the summer, religious office every Sunday evening at 6 pm).
As well as the beautiful park Richelieu and its pretty massifs 5 minutes from there. Not to mention the fortifications of Vauban, behind the sub-prefecture.

 The boat rides on the canal on Le Magest'in, or the tour through the city in Le Pt Train. Of course, to do, the traditional walks on the dike and its cabins, by the sea and on the pier. Rest and relax on the beautiful sandy beach where you can see the boats, and enjoy a good meal in excellent restaurants in Calais Nord.

 Boulogne/ mer,  
25 km,  old city  with superbs ramparts,  Museum - Castel, and Castedral.
Down near the sea, the  
Sea'Museum ' Nausicaa.'