B & B

Outbuildings have been converted to guest rooms with bathroom or restroom in each one.
Rooms are fitted out with beautiful family furniture and original beams.

There are 4 big rooms on the floor in the attic with a view of the bed of flowers, the dovecote and the lands, and a small one on the ground floor.
The rooms are located at each side of the house with separate entrance halls.

All our beds are in 140/2p and 90/1p.

Bedroom 1 

2 ad. ou 2 ad. + 1 children
Private shodwer and WC
                   Bed 2 p./140 & 1 p /90 + Baby bed

Prices :   60€/1p
                                                                                    70€/2p  ( + 15€ if 2° bed for all the stay)
                                                   90€/ 3p ( 2p + 1 child)


Bedroom 2

                                 2 ad. ou 2 ad. + 1 children
                    Private bath & wc
                                                            Bed de 2 p./140 & 1 p/90 + baby bed

​prices : 60€/ 1p
                                                                                    70€/ 2p .( If 2 beds  + 15€ for all the stay)
​                                                   90€/3p ( 2 ad. + 1 child )

The 2 bedrooms 1 & 2 are on the same floor, in front . They can be rent by a same family for parents & children.


2 ad.  or  2 ad. + 1 children
Private bath & wc
Bed 2 p/140. et 1 p./90

Prices : 80€ /2p ( if 2 beds + 15€ for all the stay )
​               110€ / 3p  (2ad + 1 child)

Bedroom 4 "Family

                      2 ad. + 1 or 2  children + baby
Private bath & wc
                        2 bed de 2 p /140 + Baby bed

Prices :    80€/1p
                                                                              90€/2p ( if 2 beds, + 15€ for all the
                                                      110€/3p( 2ad + 1 child )
                                                                   120€/4p ( 2 ad. + 2 children )

This bedroom is not prévious for 4 ad. , but 2 ad. + 1 or 2 children.

Bedroom 5

                                                           Large bedroom upstairs and little) kitchen.
For 1p ou 2p
           Private bath & wc
           1 bed de 2 p/140.

           Prices : 80€/1p

Prices 2017-18

( Bedroom and breakfast included )
+  taxe 0,70€/n/p > 10years old.

  Arrival  : 17-18h or later ( max 22h,  on request only).
  On Sunday 12-13h or 18-19h.
1 p
60€ (shower) et 80€( bath)
2 p 
70€ (douche); 80 € ou 90€ (bain) suivant les chambres.  
​Si 2 lits, +15€ pour le séjour.
​3 p
90 € (shower) et 110 € (bath)
​4 p.
​ 120 €/4p    ​(Family Bedroom)

  For Payment: French checks, international transfers and cash are accepted. Bank cards are not used.
 A deposit of 30%, is to be paid by return to the reservation. It confirms the reservation. The payment of the deposit is a contract and an undertaking on both sides.
In front of the growing number of unscrupulous and indelicate people, the amount of 1 night is now required for stays of 2 nights.
For 1 night only, the total amount is to be paid. If canceled the same day, no refund is granted.
In case of cancellation less than 15 days before arrival, and the day before, the day before or the same day, the deposit remains with the owner as compensation, and the balance is due.

  If cancellation before 15days ( ex 2 months, 16days ), the deposit is refunded ( payed back ).

Tip: If unable, notify as soon as possible to allow to re-let the room (s) to other people wishing to come. The entire stay is due, minus any nights that have been re-rented. The medical certificate, or death or accident must be sent by return as proof.
 Preventing the day before, the day before or the same day, it is impossible. to rebook what has been booked sometimes several weeks or even months in advance. It is the same for any shortened stay. The balance is then due. The deposit is kept as compensation. Damages and interests may be claimed.
  It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance for longer stays. Precaution that can serve: one is thus protected from an unforeseen.
A discount of about 5% is granted for more than 2 nights and longer stays.


Breakfasts are served in a nice veranda in a pastoral environment among flowers  or behind the  the fire-place in winter :  French breakfast with varied jams home made, fresh eggs from the property, fruits ; fresh chopsticks, bun or crescent-roll ; coffee, tea and chocolate at discretion.

It is served between 8-30 to 9-30 exclusively


Un acompte de 30% est à verser par retour. Il confirme la réservation. C' est un engagementt réciproque.
 Devant le nombre croissant de personnes indélicates ou sans scrupule, pour les réservations de 2 nuits, 1 nuit est demandée.
Pour 1 seule nuit, le montant total est à régler.

En cas d' annulation la veille , le jour même jusqu' à 15 jours avant la date d' arrivée, l' acompte est gardé à titre de dédommagement.
Le solde est dû. Il peut en effet  être difficile de relouer ce qui a été réservé quelquefois plusieurs mois à l' avance. Dommages et intérêts peuvent être réclamés.
Si annulation au delà de 15 jours de la date d' arrivée ( ex 1 mois ou 16 jours ), l' acompte est renvoyé. Il peut également servir à un séjour ultérieur. Cela est valable 6 mois max.
Un conseil : prévenir aussi tôt que possible afin de pouvoir relouer la chambre. Auquel cas, déduction est faite en partie ou en totalité suivant le cas.

Certificat médical, d' accident ou de décès sont à envoyer par retour.